The i.dent.ity Procedure

the i.dent.ity procedure

The i.dent.ity procedure is all about restoration. God intended for us to speak, eat, smile, express ourselves, kiss and pray with our mouths. Soft teeth, medications, illness and neglect can cause severe damage to your teeth and ultimately your identity. Fortunately in El Paso, TX you don’t have to settle. You can get back to who you are and recapture your identity and confidence.

No Matter What Shape Your Mouth Is In…

Before and After the i.dent.ity procedure


…The i.dent.ity Procedure Will Get You Smiling Again

Renew Your God Given IdentityThe i.dent.ity procedure replaces your missing or damaged teeth with dental implants and a beautiful smile. You choose the shape, shade and smile you want.


Regain Your Vibrant Smile

  • Recapture what you’ve lost
  • Re-gain confidence
  • Restore your identity



Sing, Kiss, and Chew Again With the i.dent.ity Procedure

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Here’s a 15 Second video to show you the procedure:

It’s 3  Simple Steps:the i.dent.ity procedure

  • Call us so we can meet you. We take records of your face, teeth and jaws.
  • We work behind the scenes to prepare everything for your case
  • At your second appointment you drift to sleep and then wake up with a beautiful smile and the confidence you have been lacking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants:

Q: What are dental implants?

A: Dental implants are a simple,safe and predicable solution to replace missing teeth.

Q: Will it hurt?

A: Dr. Hansen trained for years in Anesthesia. You will sleep through the whole thing.

Q: How is this different than dentures?

A: The i.dent.ity procedure is about giving you back what you have lost. That means giving you back the teeth you’ve lost. No glass of water to put your teeth in. These teeth are here to stay.

Q: What about my current denture?

A: If you’ve recently got a new denture, not to worry, we can usually save you some money by using it. If you are fed up with it and want an entirely new look, we can do that too.

Q: What if I have teeth?

A: No problem, we will take care of everything while you are comfortably sleeping.

Have more questions? That’s why we are here. Give us a call or just stop by.